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Throughout the history of the chamber, many projects have been accomplished for the betterment of the community and our business district. From murals painting over tagging to cleaning up vacant lots to organizing the annual tree lighting, the chamber members come together and make things happen.

Check back as this page is under construction. Our goal is to gather a timeline of accomplishments that have occurred over the years.


          Chamber Program Priorities

(as identified by a survey of Chamber members)

1.   Develop programs to reduce public intoxication in White Center

2.   Promote and market White Center Chamber businesses and our entire business district as a family-friendly destination, including increasing foot traffic in our core business district and implementing a marketing strategy for White Center businesses

3.   Produce and Distribute a “Foods of White Center” Guide in 2011

4.   Provide annexation policy consideration information to chamber members

5.   Provide family and employee health insurance policy options as a service for Chamber member businesses

6.   Promote increased police and public safety patrols in White Center

7.   Improve White Center signs and banners, with an emphasis in communicating in the core languages used by White Center business owners, residents and visitors

8.   Expand Chamber outreach and newsletter distribution to chamber member and other White Center businesses

9.   Support more art in White Center


Chamber of Commerce

c/o Sky’s Barber Shop

9650 16th Ave. SW

Seattle WA 98106


Mechanic looking under car

Another chamber meeting photo

Espresso being made at DubSea Coffee in Greenbridge